Swordfish English Movie Free Download Online

Swordfish English Movie Free Download Online


Swordfish English Movie Free Download Online


Don Cheadle as Agent Roberts

John Travolta as Gabriel Shear

Halle Berry as Ginger

Hugh Jackman as Stanley Jobson

Directed by

Dominic Sena

Written by Skip Woods

Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Suspense, Thriller


The covert counter-terrorist unit known as Black Cell led through Gabriel Shear wants the cash to help finance their battle against international terrorism, however it’s all locked aside. Gabriel brings in convicted hacker Stanley Jobson to help your pet.

“Swordfish” looks like the result of an awful explosion down at the Storyline Works. It’s skillfully installed and fitfully intriguing, yet weaves such a tangled internet that at the end I escape anyone in the audience to describe the exact loyalties and reasons of the leading characters. There is certainly one person in the movie that is definitely intended to be a leading man, but are the villains truly villains? Are they even on their own? The movie stars Hugh Jackman as a brilliant computer hacker named Stanley, who simply spent two years in the pencil for the crime of cracking a program used by the F to snoop on everyones e-mail. Now he hails from squalor in a house movie trailer, and yearns for the organization of his daughter, in whose mother inhabits a drunken stupor.

Swordfish English Movie Free Download Online

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